Welcome to my site!

Hi, I am Eggs Benny !!

Currently, I am an international student at Okanagan College, in my final year of the Computer Information Systems Diploma program.

Prior to attending Okanagan College, for more than 15 years, I worked as a System Designer and Project Manager for a Software Development firm in Japan. My areas of expertise included object-oriented design, relational databases, and various computer languages. Furthermore, through my own experience and education, I actively work to develop my skills in software design.

I am looking to offer my current skills in the North American IT and Computer Information Systems industry. *****

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      I have extensive experience in developing web applications with Linux server and developed some e-commerce business sites with PHP.              >> Demo site >>

    • Java & OOP

      I have built on my over 10 years of programming knowledge in Java with various kinds of frameworks and Object-Oriented Analysis, Design, and Development.


      I am able to make full use of my experience and challenges new techniques. I am a fast learner and can acquire features of frameworks. >> Demo site >>

    • HTML & CSS & JS

      I am good at user interface design. It is not only a simple and efficient method but also a sophisticated design. I really enjoy this process.


      I actively work to develop my skills in learning new technologies. I am a passionate software engineer and eager to challenge and achieve my goals.

    • RDBM & PL/SQL

      I am an ambitious and creative professional developer who acquires a high standard of design and technical skills for RDBM.